Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mango wine review

I bought a bottle of mango wine.  It was terrible.  My first clue that it was not going to taste good was the label, which stated it was grape wine with natural flavors.  Apparently "natural flavors" means flavors made in a chemical plant in New Jersey.  The whole thing tasted bad and after chocking down a glass I just dumped the rest of the bottle.  Yeah, coming from the guy that buys jugs of Carlo Rossi...

Shame on you!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Samhain and Steve Vai

Samhain means "summer's end".  Don't let the gringos fool you either, Mr. Booze will not tolerate churlish pronunciations.  "Sow-en", please.  I guess summers in Ireland end about a month later than here, because I celebrated Samhain on September 16th.  It was perfect.  Probably the last day to get in the upper 70s for the year.  Intoxicated out of my mind.  The veil between the worlds was pierced magnificently.

Retrospectively, it was foolish to recycle the previous summer's soundtrack.  It was hot and hectic and stressful.  And that is too bad, because I used to enjoy a lot of guitarist jams during summers.  And it is too bad because Steve Vai has released a new album of guitarist jams.  I guess a month ago.  Should have put it out like 3 months ago so it could be my summer jams.

Now let me explain to you certain things about Mr. Booze, man.

See I am a casual fan of Steve Vai, man.  One of the rare take it or leave it Vai fans.  I love albums like Passion and Warfare and Alien Love Secrets.  But I don't dig the vocal albums.  Like that last one.  You know, the one about religion.  Oh yeah, I guess they all kinda are.  And I don't dig like half of his instrumental albums.  Wasn't the Ultra Zone kinda flat?  And a long time ago?  And wasn't the Fire Garden too self-indulgent and bombastic?

So the clips of the new Vai album are out and to me they are the kind of Vai album I've been waiting for.  You know, guitary but not too self-indulgent.  Which, with Vai, is walkin' a fine line.

See what I mean?

It is too late to be the summer soundtrack of 2012. Which means it will have to wait.  Will it find a place on the godmachine some hot July evening in 2013, intoxicated with the heat and Spanish brandy?  I sure hope so.  Until then, I will do what I always do this time of year and play October Rust.