Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Youtube poop from beyond the grave

One glass of wine too many and I ended up beyond the void in the netherworld of the webernets (thanks Carlo Rossi).  First, you remember the Misfits.  And you remember that they ressurected the Misfits without Danzig and put out some material that was maybe ok but nothing like the real thing.  And you promptly forgot the whole ordeal.  I know I did.  But what, youtube covers of modern Misfits?  First, a refresher:

The original, in case you slept on it (and I know you did).  I don't think it is terrible, but if this wasn't sold as the Misfits it would probably be your favorite local band that never made it.

Bish covers this song acapella. Probably born after Danzig I came out.  Note the unfinished guns chestpiece.  I am old and have no idea what it means, but wise enough to know it is probably not something original and is more likely a reference to something (hit me up in the comments for the answer please).

But there is more!

On we go!

At this point my mind is blown.  So many bishes covering some random newera Misfits song.  WTF?  You may now weep for humanity.

Yes I know.  I will cry with you at the youtube poop.  There there.  We will get though this one day at a time.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Interview Jerk

I sometimes wish I could interview bands so I can ask obnoxious questions.  For example I would ask the band Agalloch:

"Your songs have often praised wood, and oak specifically.  Do you like whiskey because it absorbs the flavors of oak over time, or do you think it is a tragedy to cut down a tree for a silly drink?"

I would ask Dave Mustaine:

"You've written songs about band members being a jerk and both of them have later rejoined the band.  Do you think it would work on James Hetfield?  If Metallica wrote a song about you being a jerk would you rejoin them?"

"You like putting silly voice over stuff in your songs.  From 'pull over shithead it's the cops' in 502 to 'Gears of war' in Gears of War.  What's up with that?"

I would ask Cradle of Filth:

"How do you decide which roadie has to go buy wine coolers for the groupies?"

"Why do you look like a clown?"

I would ask Dimmu Borgir:

"Why do you dress like Cradle of Filth?"

"What wine coolers do your groupies prefer?"

I would ask Devin Townshend:

"How many albums do you have to release in a year before you can afford to eat again?"

I would ask Dream Theatre:

"What's the difference between a drummer and a large pizza?  The pizza can feed a family of four.  How can you tell if your drum riser is level?  Your drummer drools out of both sides of his mouth."

I would ask Lemmie:

"Has your doctor ever advised you to drink diet Coke instead of regular for your beetus?"

Boy I am an obnoxious prick.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pouring one out for my homie

Once I owned and enjoyed the Nevermore album The Politics of Ecstasy.  But I lost it years ago and now I have finally given up hope of finding it.

Miss you!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mister Booze joins a posse

If you go to the website for Carlo Rossi jug wine you can find, if you dig, a link for the Carlo Rossi Posse.  I think the link only appears if you click on the trophy case and see all the awards Carlo Rossi 4 liter jug wines have won.  For reals.

How do you become a part of Carlo Rossi's Posse and what does it entail?  From the website:

Carlo Rossi was a simple, practical man with a down to earth demeanor and sharp sense of humor. He liked to talk about his wine, but always would have rather been drinking it with friends. Since the beginning, Carlo Rossi and his fans have remained true to the wines heritage and no-nonsense, straightforward style. Surviving decades of fads, trends and dance crazes, Carlo Rossi and his posse kept their jug nearby and rose above it all.

It's been 30 years since Carlo began making his wine. Now, we're searching for a regular guy or gal who embodies Carlo Rossi's spirit through his/her own signature style and genuine characteristics, and who truly is the leader of their pack. It's time to honor someone like Carlo, who kept it real, good and honest.

That says to me that they are looking for another spokesman.  Someone who can sell this stuff to young people.  Because the only people I know that drink it are in their 60s. While I'd like to spread the good word about this jugwine, I don't think I can convince young people that this is stuff worth drinking.  Besides I already look like an old man.  

I'd like to point out one thing on the website that makes me a "posse" member.  The food pairing selector.  Want to know which jug goes with supreme pizza, fried chicken, or nachos?  Carlo knows, and he will hook you up.

Take it away Carlo


You might recall old Mr. Booze looking for similar wine pairings.  So I feel I found a kindred spirit in Mr. Rossi and his approximately 1 gallon glass jugs of wine.  Though mark my words:  the day they ship these in plastic jugs is the day I stop drinking Carlo Rossi.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

2011: The Year that Was

2011 was full of great music, wasn't it?  Let have a look at some of the great albums and bottles of booze that made this year so special.

Pallbearer - Demo.  Big thanks to DSFCB for introducing me to my new favorite doom metal band.  These kids are from somewhere in the deep south but damn if they don't sound like they are from England circa 1972.  The lead singer sounds like a young Ozzy so much it is crazy.

And he knew there's no hope of redemption!  Don't you want to cut your wrists listening to that?  Amazing.

Last spring I listened to Pallbearer constantly and drank Canadian whisky.  I enjoyed the 10 year version of Canadian Club.  Delightful stuff, really.  That was the spring, but moving on to the summer new jams were needed.  And what a hot summer it was.

Jan Hammer - Crockett's theme.  Felt hot like Miami this summer.

Just put it on repeat for a few hours.  Maybe open a bottle of Soberano brandy.  That was summer.

Summer was also a time of drinking bourbon and listening to Motorhead.  The classic album March or Die was my soundtrack.  For some reason it just fit.

In the thunder and heat!  Makes me think of the 90s and being young and full of vim and wanting so bad to taste the sweeter things in life like booze and women.  Sigh...good times.  Speaking of bourbon, I found an old bottle of Ten High 10 and it was pretty good whiskey.  Pretty cheap too.  If I make it back to the ghetto anytime soon I'll stock up for sure.

Moving on, this next gem is probably the only album released in 2011 that I actually bought.

Mithras - Time Never Lasts EP

Solid Mithras.  Enough said.

This was a good year for doom, wasn't it?  I can't remember who introduced me to this gem, but thanks for hooking me up with Lycus!

Lycus - Demo.  Another American doom demo?  We must be on the cusp of a great American doom metal awakening.

Reminds me of Ahab in many ways.

And finally, this was another great year for Bach.

The Emerson String Quartet - The Art of the Fugue.  This classic recording of Bach's 24 fugues from the Art of the Fugue is deft and wonderful.  I prefer the previous album of Bach fugues simply titled Fugues, but this is still solid work.

Starting this summer I had this set of Gymnopedie by Satie on repeat for hours.  Still do.  For those quiet moments.

That's kind of the year in music for me.  I didn't say it was the year in new music, because I am old and hate new things and there was very little new music worth hearing this year.

It was a good year for booze, particularly whiskey.  I'm not one of those whiskey snobs, we keep it real around here.  Real cheap.  In fact I am working diligently on a formula and a philosophy for making beer as good and cheap as possible.  Emphasis on cheap.  The sort of thing you could do in your dorm room if you had a sink, a hot plate, and a mini fridge.  Just don't forget to invite me to your next college party; I will show up with a fifth of whiskey and sit in the corner and drink and call people peasants and try to get in a fistfight with someone bigger than me.  Cheers.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Old Forester whiskey

I went to Costco and bought a 1.75 liter bottle of Old Forester whiskey for $9.95.  This is 86 proof bourbon.  So in terms of hobometrics, this is a buy.  If it ends up tasting better than paint thinner it is a deal.  So how good of a score was this?

Decent enough.  There is a bit of harshness to it, a bitter flavor in the middle of the palate that does not mellow out by soaking in ice and dilution with water.  The finish is rather thin as well.  I'm no expert but possibly this is due to inferior wood in the aging?  So this isn't exactly a sipping whiskey, but perfectly fine to mix with Coca Cola.  And still a bargain at this price point.  I'd rather have Old Fitzgerald but I'm not complaining; this stuff is silly cheap.