Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Booze reviews: Michael Collins and Ironic False Cognate

First I'd like to share my two cents on Michael Collins blended Irish whiskey.  It was on sale for 20 bucks, so I bit.  If you are familiar with The Tyrconnel or Irish Manor then the flavors in Michael Collins will be familiar.  The same barley profile and lemony sweetness.  It is very similar to Irish Manor.  But it is not identical.  The difference is in the finish, which has a large almost chocolately toffee flavor.  It is, by my tongue, a rather long finish.  If you find it for 20 bucks I'd consider that a buy.  Also, they repackaged it in the traditional Cooley blend bottle, so it will now fit in your shelf where you store your booze.

Next up is Soberano.  You see the word sober immediately, but it is a false cognate.  Pan in Spanish is not a metal cooking thing, it is bread.  False cognate.  Likewise Soberano is not a sober dude, it is a Sovereign.  And how does it taste?  Surprisingly good, actually.  It is smooth and sweet.  I would rank the flavor profile close to the legendary Veterano.  The price point was good as well, 13 dollars.  Definitely a buy.  Much better in both price and taste than Terry Centenario.  Sad, because I wanted to like Terry.  Happy because I have a new go-to Spanish Brandy.  That bottle with the wacky netting...

Post Script:  Posting is infrequent and will probably continue to be so.  Life happens.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

From my childhood: Televangelists

I don't know if televangelists are on TV late night anymore, but when I was a kid they were. I found these programs to be high entertainment, but none moreso than Robert Tilton. He had an interesting cosmology where you would "decree a thing" to your "Jehovah Jireh" and make a "vow of faith" by giving Mr. Tilton money. He would repeat these catch phrases over and over again. It was weird.

So is cocaine to blame?

Good times!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Original Hipsters

Uriah Heep were the original hipsters

Maybe file this under your dad was the original hipster?

Though I actually Like Uriah Heep. They weren't ironic. They were authentically into Demons and Wizards

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Booze miscellany

Here are two brief liquor reviews:

Laird's Apple Brandy (bottled in bond) - This is a bit pricey at 25 bucks a fifth but it is something different.  It is made from apples and that comes through in the flavors.  I am guessing that they use the little green apples.  It is rough at first, at 100 proof that is expected.  Let is sit in ice and mellow out.  I like this a lot.  Wish I could say more about this but it was a rough weekend.

JTS Brown bourbon (bottled in bond) - I didn't drink much of this but what I drank and remembered I liked.  Surprisingly good.  Wish I could remember more but I had one glass.

Also, if you are low on sleep don't try mixing 100 proof brandy/whiskey and a cigar, you will probably not finish the night how you planned.

Sorry no pics.