Saturday, July 9, 2011

The regional whiskey train keeps rollin'

The regional whiskey rocket is taking off.  Blast off to booze city with the spirit of your own region.  Today's flavor of home is from Arkansas, where whiskey is being distilled for the first time since prohibition.

"Young" bourbon is a particularly accurate description since it was aged just three to six months. The distillers refer to their process as "accelerated maturation techniques that includes small barrels and temperature cycling."

"Bourbon has a great southern tradition," said Phil Brandon, distillery owner and head distiller, "and we wanted to make our bourbon from native Arkansas grains and age the whiskey in small barrels coopered in Arkansas. It's the first Arkansas bourbon."

There you go.  24 bucks for a fifth of whiskey aged only a few months in oak.  24 bucks for the novelty of whiskey from Arkansas.  Ehhh, maybe.  I appreciate the sentiment of this regional whiskey.  Maybe it will pan out in the end?

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