Friday, September 30, 2011

Talking about music

If you audited my iPod you'd find it is a crappy mix of music.  There's some off items like my Frank Sinatra collection or Patsy Cline or Johnny Cash, but not a whole lot of top 40 fare.  Well not 21st century top 40.  Hell, not even second half of the 20th century top 40.  Depending on things a lot of heavy metal but also a lot of "classical music".  Lately Shostakovitch, but over the summer a heavy Villa-Lobos rotation.  I have a hard time calling 20th century composers "classical".  I really hate discussing music with new people because most people don't like heavy metal and assume that if you listen to it you are dumb white trash.  I just found out who Lady Gaga was a few months ago because of that funny Andy Rehfeldt video, and I had no idea who Amy Winehouse was when she died.  So many awkward conversations there.  I thought she was some American Idol contestant or something.  I've never actually seen that show, except the funny youtube clips.  So when I meet new people conversations usually go like this:

Random stranger:  So what do you do?
Me:  I drink.
Random stranger:  Haha, no what do you do for a living?
Me:  I sit in a cubicle and do boring uninteresting stuff all day.
Random stranger:  Well what kind of music do you like?
Me:  Classical music.

Boom conversation over!  So if you ever find yourself talking to some random jerk and want to shut down the conversation in the most painless way possible just tell them you listen to classical music.  They will think you are the most boring person alive and practically run away.  This works great, I have never had this conversation and said "classical music" and had a further question or comment about music.  If you are like me and hate 99% of all humans you should add this to your conversation repertoire.

Also, make sure you have this on your iPod at all times because 1. it is awesome music and 2. if anyone ever asks you can bust this out to make sure no one ever pries into your music world again.

ZOMG so boring amirite!

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