Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do you remember the Cycle Sluts from Hell?

Did you grow up watching Beavis and Butthead?  Did you see that episode where they saw this video?

I do.

I think I owned the album at one time.  The liner notes were confusing at first.  Wait there are four chick singers, but the musicians that write all the music and play all the instruments are all dudes?  But hey that sounds about right doesn't it?  Behind every good woman is a guy doing all the work.  Correction from the comments, the girls wrote the music mostly with the guitarist.

The intro of this song reminded me of the intro to Call of Ktulu.  What do you think?

Dark Ships was an ok song too.

Their other "big" song was By the Balls, and you can find clips of them playing it live.
Kind of a shitty song, though.

Too repetitive.  Playing live in 2003. Hey, no one got fat. Congratulations!

Decent riff here.

So was I the only person outside of the New York metropolitan area to remember this band anymore than a Beavis and Butthead clip?

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  1. The guys didn't write the songs. Lord Roadkill (lead guitar) wrote with all of the girls. Dark Ships was written by She-Fire & LR, By the Balls by Honey and LR.