Monday, January 23, 2012

Undershirt review

Like most Italians I wear athletic style sleeveless wife beater undershirts. And as a man of discriminating taste I want the best. But as a man of prudence I don't want to pay too much. Much like whiskey there are bargains to be had.

The best undershirts used to be Champion A Shirts. They were high quality, inexpensive, and comfortable non-ribbed shirts. They changed the formula and now only make ribbed a shirts. So now we men of taste and sense must find a replacement.

Sadly I could only find two brands of non-ribbed athletic undershirts. Brooks Brothers has a nice brand that runs 20 dollars a shirt. Armani has a brand that runs 10 dollars a shirt. I opted for the Armani, and they are very nice shirts. A little pricey for a wad of cotton but there is no other choice. I tried wearing ribbed undershirts and that didn't work. Too uncomfortable. If you, dear reader, find a cheaper brand of non ribbed wife beaters let me know. Thank you.

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