Monday, June 17, 2013

Booze Films presents: The Big Lebowski Two

Some days the fever takes hold and the visions come.  Today I will share one such vision.  The sequel that will never be made.  The sequel flitters through your eyes in a reverie when you find yourself uttering a Dudeism.  I present to you an outline for The Big Lebowski Two.

Fast Forward to the early 2000s and the time of the second Iraq war.  The Dude is living in Los Angeles as always, and working at a medical marijuana dispensary.  "The Dude is a horticulturalist."  It is a co-op, of course, and the Dude has "glaucoma, man, a real bummer.  But, what're you gonna do?"

It is an average day in the dispensary where a variety of strange Los Angeles types come in and interact with the Dude.  Then, just before closing, in comes The Big Lebowski.  "Of all the medical marijuana dispensaries in all the world he has to come into mine".  You see The Big Lebowski has cancer and a real prescription for a real condition.  They have an awkward conversation about the Dude's son, and everything gets really chill after a few tokes.

You see in my vision for the Big Lebowski Two there is even less of a plot than the first one.  It is going to be a movie about nothing.

A movie about nothing.  The Dude hangs out with his buddies at the dispensary, goes bowling with Walter, and does yoga on the beach.  Nothing.  Nada por nada es nada.  Nihil est nihil.  Nothing.

Lebowski fans I pitch this idea to are not amused, but think about this objectively.  You'd get to see all the best bits of the Dude that you loved from the first film without it being ruined by the needs of the sequel to outdo its predecessor.  Think about, man.

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