Saturday, February 28, 2009

The one bright spot

The one bright spot I see from President Obama is the hope to normalize relations with Cuba. Yeah yeah, change and hope and all that. Maybe I've been reading too much Hemingway, but I really would like to visit Cuba one day. It isn't that far away. What, 90 miles from Miami? It is one of the nicest islands in the Caribbean, thanks to communist inefficiencies. Like I said, maybe I've read too much Hemingway and now I want to go there but I can't. But if Obama moves towards removing those sanctions, then I could go. I mean who cares anymore? There is no more USSR. Cuba has to be the only communist nation left in the Western Hemisphere. I can hardly consider China communist either. So what is the harm in buying some Cuban cigars and going to visit some island in the sea and having my dollar's purchasing power go so far. Pennies on the dollar and all.

Long Palm

It would be nice to see one of these trees outside for a change.

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