Thursday, February 12, 2009

Retirement: Day 3

Today I went and signed up for work with a staffing firm. I've had enough of unemployment. By day two I found myself staring into the void, and yes the void indeed stares back.


I have been listening to Burzum, reading Kafka, and staring into the void as a primer for retirement. What does that lead to? Me worrying about overcoats.

If no jobs turn up soon, I fear that the madness will begin to consume me. Also, I haven't yet gotten my coat. For a while I was searching online desperately for the perfect one. A greatcoat would be perfect.

This Belgian army greatcoat is almost perfect. Warm, distinguished, and less than 100 bucks. But it isn't black.

This Soviet navy greatcoat is almost perfect, but 245 dollars.

I almost got a Navy bridgecoat, but they aren't quite long enough. Close, oh so close, and cheap. Plus those have epaulets, which are awesome. So yes, this is what one does with too much time. I will probably have to settle with a London Fog from the Burlington Coat Factory, but that saddens me because the lapels are so puny. We must have large lapels, and double breasted. Yes, we must. We know you trixies are wanting our double breasted precious, yes. We know you wants our big lapels, yesses. Yes. Soon, my precious, sssoooon!

Again, sooo close. And hopefully I wouldn't look like a child molester wearing it, as this guy certainly does. Maybe it is the mustache?


  1. How about this one:

  2. Where i can get one of the soviet navy coats??
    I really want one!!!