Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Those halcyon days of summer

Summer is in full swing here, but it hasn't really felt that way. It has been mild. Highs have been, for much of July, below 70 or low 70s. I was expecting it to be dog days of summer, but it is raining and high sixties.

Enough bitching about the weather, though. The butterflies are hatching at the botanical gardens.

Spotty face


The beer is still refreshing and delightful, the seldom times I drink beer that is


Bells Oberon

More saliently, the wine is cool and refreshing.


Yeah, I need to take a new and better picture of that.

I am getting out and biking around town. Really, it is the best way to see the town.



Boo Bradley is out again. Someone has upped his game quite a bit. I'm talking pussy magnet.

I'm reading a lot these days. Raymond Chandler and Hemingway. I'm listening to a lot of Type O Negative.


Good times indeed.

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