Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bears riding the subway?

OK, not quite bears. But check out this article from the Financial Times about Moscow's feral dogs who apparently ride the subway.

Every so often, you would see one waiting on a metro platform. When the train pulled up, the dog would step in, scramble up to lie on a seat or sit on the floor if the carriage was crowded, and then exit a few stops later.

Yeah, you would think that in Russia it would be bears riding the subway, commuting to work for the circus or something. But I'll take it. Oh, and there's video.

Turn the sound off for this first one, it is just horrible lo-fi subway hiss.

So yeah. In Japan cats run train stations, and in Russia dogs commute to work. I think we are not getting enough productivity out of our pets. Maybe we could train parrots to work in call centers? Come on America, we are falling behind in the pet arms race.

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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about dogs riding the subway. Are they paying for it? Or are they just bumming rides? I mean, dogs ain't paying taxes.