Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Zoo

I've never been a fan of zoos. I can't think of a more depressing place to visit recreationally. Still, it is an interesting diversion to visit in the dead of winter. I like to see this guy:

Mr. Otter

Mister Otter is a curious fellow. When I stoop low, he descends lower in the pool to meet me. If I move to one side he adjusts his velocity to meet me. Always with a curiosity in his eyes.

At least Mister Otter has it good. When I visit the apes I can't help but think I am looking at my primitive self. Instead of trapped in a cubicle, he is trapped in a glass house. While it certainly is not hell for the beasts, isn't it a depressing thing to see? Isn't a cubicle farm depressing?

I go and watch them, hoping we might amuse each other. Maybe he will put on a display and piss in my direction. I think we both would laugh at that. But he doesn't. We both stare off in boredom.

The zoo in this town is free, so I will come back and visit Mister Otter again. I wonder how smart otters are. Are they as smart as a dog? Surely they are as smart as a cat. Can they recognize boozehounds visually?

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