Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Odyssey

In life we have many quests to complete. They are not the same for everyone. But we all make goals and then work toward achieving them. Sometimes distractions arise. Odysseus was distracted on his way home by many things. My favorite vignettes were Circe and the lotus eaters because they remind me of my own stumblings.

Like Odysseus I find myself distracted from achieving my goals. My quests are sidetracked. I waste my days at the office trying to focus on the job and increase productivity. I languish at home under the dream inducing spell of the Internet. Like the lotus eaters, the Internet has proved a seductive place for dreamers.

Like Odysseus, I must harden myself for the voyage and drive away from these lands. Oh, it has been a fun time, and I learned a great deal. But now I need to focus on my work. My real work.

Don't worry fellow boozehounds I am not done drinking. Nor have I quit blogging. But I hope to disconnect enough to finish some work and I probably will post infrequently.

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