Thursday, April 15, 2010


Instead of going bughunting I was distracted by some portrait work. I modeled my friend in an homage to the classic slasher flick Psycho.


I couldn't find anything to kill other than Cheerios. So it became a Cereal Killer photoshoot, and thus a reference to Green Jellÿ (né Jellö).





This was a challenging shoot from the beginning. Mixing the blood to just the right hue was time consuming and was like some Martha Stewart cake recipe. Corn syrup, food coloring, molasses, and chocolate. The bathroom afforded little room to maneuver. Getting the light right was trial and error. I used some high key light in the beginning, and by the end I had the shoot through umbrella out. Turns out my model looks best in diffuse lighting, while the shoot itself looks best with really hard light. If I had a second flash I could balance it out, I think.

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