Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't come away empty handed

Sounds like the punchline to some masturbation joke? Oh well. I was back in Chicago, on business, and decided to stop in Binny's for that Amrut Indian whisky. They didn't have any. But I wasn't about to leave empty handed. They had two new Irish whiskeys. I bought the cheaper one, which looked to be another Cooley brand. Indeed it was.

John Sullivan whiskey. It was named after an ole' timey bare knuckle boxer. Similar to some other Cooley whiskeys I've had, like the Tyrconnell and Irish Manor. The bottle is tinted green with old Sullivan's photo glaring at me. It is a rather dry whiskey, with a citrus sweetness again similar to what I've had with the Tyrconnell and Irish Manor. Very different from the caramel sweetness in Kilbeggan.

The more expensive whiskey will have to wait for another time. It said it was from county Kerry. Could this be a new distillery? The name was rediculous. Irish wild geese and lonely heart's club band whiskey. Ok, it was really called The Wild Geese Irish Soldier and Heroes. Yeah, so on the website it looks like it is a Cooley whiskey also. So two new Cooley whiskeys in Chicago. No Indian whiskey.

There was also an intriguing new American whiskey. From Virginia it was a single malt pot still whiskey called Wasmund's. It was a bit pricey for a domestic, so again it will have to wait for another trip to the city with whiskey shoulders.

In the end I went to Binny's to get some Indian whisky and came out with some Irish whiskey. At least I didn't come away empty handed.

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