Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Set your calendar

Kids, set your calendar. Mark up May 21st, 2011. Why? Because it is the end of the world, duh!

Of late I enjoy the ministry over on Family Radio. On it a man who I believe is developmentally disabled gives rambling sermons about the Bible. What is fascinating to me is that his ramblings usually don't mention the whole "the world is going to end" part. Usually that is the gimmick. Just listen to Jack Van Impe. That's all he talks about! But Harold Camping is not your usual evangelist.

Enjoy the trainwreck. "The fragrance of death unto death". It is so incomprehensible it might as well be in Spanish. I know many Spanish words and most of the grammar rules, but I can't follow a conversation much better.

2011 people! It is all over on 2011.

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