Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I wanted to love you

I wanted to love you from the moment I first laid eyes on you. You looked so perfect. You completed me. And then I came to learn you were tragically flawed. Could I overlook your defects? Was it in me?

It was not.

The Sony NEX-5 could have been the one camera for me. All the versatility and power of an interchangeable lens system. Like a digital rangefinder, but smaller and possibly a better focusing system. The ability to use just about any lens imaginable. The sheer power of the DSLR's APS-C image sensor. 1080p video. I could ditch the camera bag forever and take pictures just as well. Maybe even better.

But it doesn't have manual controls. I can't whirl through aperture, ISO, and shutter settings like a dervish. Feverishly my hands can take my 20d from low-light to day-light settings and back in seconds. Like some nerd working on a rubik's cube.

Insert Rubik's cube snark here.

I can't give that up. Not even for this:

Sony E - Leica M Mount Adapter for NEX-5


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