Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Homemade Pizza

Tonight I made some homemade pizza based on some dough recipes I found online. All I had to buy special was the yeast. The wife had the flower and I used some pasta sauce in lieu of pizza sauce or tomatoes. However, I chose to buy unglazed ceramic tiles from the hardware store (49 cents a piece) to put on the top and bottom of the oven to recreate a real pizza oven. It is an old internet trick.

Not bad for my first time out. A little too doughy, needs a bit more salt. Though you know what this means. It means I will have to find just the right cheap red wine to go with homemade pizza. Because everyone is poor and thrifty these days, Mr. Booze represents living well on the cheap.

There are many recipes online, but I used this one because it was expedient: no waiting overnight. Also it was at the top of the google search.

The locus for this project was here:

I'm trying to refine the art of living well on the cheap, so forgive me if you don't think this is as interesting as coats or Bach on the electric guitar.

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  1. Sounds delish. After having making pizza for so many years, I gotta say there's nothing like a stone oven pizza, and I'm glad to have had to opportunity to use one... even though the jackoff who bought that place got rid of it just as I was getting the hang of it and then laid me off in favor of one of his much less qualified buddies. Bitter? Me??

    Anyway, I tend to use a box dough mix. Tends to turn out just fine, and truth be told, it's not really cheating... just takes the work out of measuring and sifting. My dad makes his own sauce, but sadly that's not an art that I've mastered. I always used to enjoy making exotic pizzas that used other stuff like Greek dressing, barbecue sauce, taco sauce, alfredo, etc. ...

    Oh, and Emily had her very first Buddy's Pizza the other day, and apparently it was a religious experience. The best part is that there's one right by her apartment (she lives right by O.U.).