Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

The office is introducing all kinds of terrible ideas for holiday cheer including secret Santa. Get this: we're supposed to secretly give someone who is working mandatory 10 hours of overtime a gift. Won't that be fun?

You know what? Fuck you Christmas. Fuck your stupid gift giving bullshit. I'd really like Christmas if it wasn't for the fucking presents. And Nutcracker. Fucking bullshit.

They shove Nutcracker up your ass because it is free. No seriously Tchaikovsky has been dead so long the music is public domain, so commercials chose to use it over and over again to save money. At least Dean Martin isn't free. Baby it's cold outside. Grab yourself a glass of brandy and bundle up.

If anyone has any secret Santa ideas sound off in the comments. Otherwise someone will have a holly jolly Christmas full of Pez.

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