Thursday, August 11, 2011

From my childhood: Televangelists

I don't know if televangelists are on TV late night anymore, but when I was a kid they were. I found these programs to be high entertainment, but none moreso than Robert Tilton. He had an interesting cosmology where you would "decree a thing" to your "Jehovah Jireh" and make a "vow of faith" by giving Mr. Tilton money. He would repeat these catch phrases over and over again. It was weird.

So is cocaine to blame?

Good times!!


  1. I remember this guy, but my favorite was always Bob Larson's programs explaining how music, especially heavy metal, was a tool of the devil. It seemed like there was a new one every week. My clearest memory is of the "my sweet satan" from a led zeppelin songs backwards, and a video clip of someone busting into a church, his eyes glowing red, and then a preacher's head exploding. Near the end he seemed to start taking aim a rap, also. Needless to say, it was sone of the things that got me into heavy metal.

  2. Speak of the devil!!!!

    Bob Larson is going to exorcise Necrobutcher from Mahem on TV!