Sunday, August 7, 2011

Booze miscellany

Here are two brief liquor reviews:

Laird's Apple Brandy (bottled in bond) - This is a bit pricey at 25 bucks a fifth but it is something different.  It is made from apples and that comes through in the flavors.  I am guessing that they use the little green apples.  It is rough at first, at 100 proof that is expected.  Let is sit in ice and mellow out.  I like this a lot.  Wish I could say more about this but it was a rough weekend.

JTS Brown bourbon (bottled in bond) - I didn't drink much of this but what I drank and remembered I liked.  Surprisingly good.  Wish I could remember more but I had one glass.

Also, if you are low on sleep don't try mixing 100 proof brandy/whiskey and a cigar, you will probably not finish the night how you planned.

Sorry no pics.

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