Monday, August 20, 2012


Of late I have decided to become a polyglot.  I am currently studying Latin.  Once I get the basics of Latin I plan on studying Irish Gaelic, Italian, and French.  I don't quite understand why I want to do this.  I suspect it is because I am losing touch with reality.  The basics are pretty straightforward and there is plenty of rote memorization.  There are also a lot of good free primers on the internet for these languages, as well as good miscellaneous web resources.

Most days I try to blend into the background.  To be as anonymous as possible.  Perhaps that goes with my current line of work?  But who knows?  I don't.  But somedays I grow tired of self-effacement and remember a time - long ago it seems - when I actually wore a Soviet officer's greatcoat around town.  I really did this and I can't remember why other than it is a cheap warm coat and it was cold outside.

I am also interested in learning about humor.  I used to like comedy but for the last 7 years have avoided most forms of humor especially stand-up.  But my souls cries out for mirth.  Really the best comedy blog on the internet is Every Day Should Be Saturday.  Is there any humor in a similar vein or caliber I should know about?  No stand up comedy.  I want wit, not jokes.

Do you ever have days you wish you could disappear?  What sort of boose do you prefer on those occasions?  Is that why I have a hankering for Canadian whisky?

Would watch Hockey Night in Canada while drinking Molson/10

Maybe I should pretend I'm Canadian? I could put a Canadian flag on my lunch bag.  Some day I worry that I'm losing my mind.  Maybe the next step is to dress like Doc Holliday all the time?  I think this though actually crossed my mind last week.

I don't know about the flavor saver though.  I guess you can wear whatever you want when you walk around shooting people.

Well, maybe I will bring back the tricorn?

Ok maybe not...

Dudes don't wear hats except for douche bags who wear baseball hats.  So Canadian it is then.  BRB buying complete Kids in the Hall on DVD.  Because they don't have Blu-Ray in Canada yet.

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