Friday, April 12, 2013

Forgotten Classics: Vader's Spiritual Litany

Too often we forget what a profound spiritual work Vader unleased with Litany.  Rushing like a tsunami, Wings sets the tone of the album perfectly.  A philosophical and poetical work revealing the godlike nature within.  Would you do the same if I shed my pair of wings it asks.

The symbolism of the scarab is veiled in the mythology of ancient Egypt.  Personified by Khepri, the scarab was the god of rebirth.

A scarab beetle which toils through its phases
From an egg through a larva to the protector of the dawning Sun

The birth of the individual from his humble beginnings to the creation of the will requires toil. Much like the word yoga originally meant to yoke onself to a task that requires exertion (before it came to mean leggings for rich white women), Xeper symbolizes not just the Egyptian mythology of creation but of our inner creation.

Meaning can only come from the individual In the moments of divine clairvoyance and intensification of Being The utterance of the word which ripples through the fabric of the world And gives insight and strength to those who want to become

I have come into being

Sounds existentialist, no? The One Made of Dreams takes us through similar existential questions.

I am the Lizard without the King
I am Fall without the Leap
I am the Power without the Might
I am the Wanderer without the Road

The inner logic of this album is punctuated by the music, which seems to wash over the listener in waves.

Yes it is percussive. And fast. But it also the most intense album Vader has released. Each moment is embedded with so much passion that it is at times overwhelming. Anyways, it seems like an overlooked classic that gives greater insights and revelations as time goes on. It doesn't sound dated at all, though it was released about 13 years ago. My how time flies. Heck I even really dig the cover art. It is a lot classier than the last couple albums. Some digitial looking stuff and that neo-fascist stuff I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that as a t-shirt (not that I wear t-shirts anyways). Would would buy that merch? But the Litany art? I would buy that merch.

So there it is, Litany. My favorite Vader album. Your thoughts?

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