Monday, April 15, 2013

The great bandana face off

Wouldn't you like a soft decorative rag upon your person? Something to tie over the crown of your head to prevent your bald spot from getting a sun burn? Something to tie around your forehead to sop up sweat? Something to soak and tie around your neck to keep you cool like a dog or Charles Nelson Riley? Well I have just the ticket: bandana!

Oh but you find life too short for itchy fabric. You will stop at nothing to comfort yourself in the softest fabrics available. Then I am here to help you.

The two websites which boast of the most premium bandanas are tansclub and wholesale for everyone. A bit of warning:  both stores will charge you a minimum of about 7 bucks for shipping but a trifle for the bandanas. Like 39 cents or something silly.  So buy a few; you might as well.  Shipping was fast for both websites.  I followed the wisdom madness of the nets and boiled these to reduce starch and stiffness. It helped a little but putting them through the washing machine worked better (don't forget the fabric softener).

Well here is the result of tansclub.  They seem nice.

Look closely you can see the quality stitching around the edges that tansclub premium advertise.

And how does wholesale for everyone compare? First I should note that they have 2 premium choices. The regular and the made in USA. When I opened the package I couldn't tell which was which. They have different hues, and one is slightly larger and slightly thinner. Then I noticed the stitching around the edges was different and compared to my other regular. Turns out the USA one has better stitching and is the slightly smaller and thicker one. So there's that.


Inferior Chinese stitching.

As you can see they are all slightly different hues.  The Tansclub's bandana was very very slightly thicker than the other two.  However I would give the slight edge in softness to the USA made wholesale for everyone bandana.  I also liked the hue, but each color variation has its own merits.  So there you go.  The softest bandana is the wholesale for everyone.  The thickest is the tansclub.  They all have slightly different shades of orange.  Paisley is suckass cowboy crap.  I have problems!

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