Friday, October 25, 2013

False Flag

I used that website to see if the new iPhone is in stock.  It said the phone was in stock.  I went to the Apple store, because I want to get the trade in credit.  They said they don't have any 5S in stock.  None.  I went home angry.  I checked the website - this time the Apple website - and they said they have it in the store I just returned from.  This is the third time this has happened.  Three strikes and you're out.  Well the first time my mobile carrier went down and they couldn't sell them.  So two stupid strikes.  Maybe it is a sign.

So I'm thinking again about the Android.  I recently read that not only can I ditch the awful iTunes but that you can plug your DSLR directly into your phone and then load the pictures and post them to the webs.  How awesome is that?  For these two things alone it might be worth it.


Wish I could just put Android on the iPhone.  Because nothing beats the iPhone for looks.  If it is just going to live in a case then who cares about little details?  Flat back, flat sides, and rounded edges; just the overall shape is perfect.  Well it also has that awesome camera.  Photo noobs take note:  bigger megapixels are better.  The new iPhone camera has bigger megapixels and the lens has a wider max aperture.  It is possibly the best camera in any cellphone.

Two years is a long time to commit to something.  I would like to have a phone with a bigger keyboard and be able to do some Androidy widgety things.  Maybe Apple Store shenanigans is a sign?

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