Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh the follies of youth

Several months ago, one of Dawn's friends moved to Vermont. She left to be with her fianceé, a chronically unemployed drunk. She has an associates degree in bioscience. She trained in school to work in a lab for scientists. There is a lot of that here, and not a whole lot over there. Dawn tried to warn her. She said that she ought to stay here and get a job and make money. By moving out there, she was throwing her life away for a no good bum. Dawn was right, of course. But she also learned the hard way.

Why should she move out there an not he move out here? He said it is because he didn't want to live in such a liberal town. I find that answer to be disingenuous. This town is surrounded by country bumpkins. More likely he is a loser and he knows it. And he knows that if he moved out here, all her friends and support group would know it. He would be exposed and they would work hard to convince her to show him the door. So if she moves out there, she has no one but him. Without friends and support, she finds herself "stuck" with him. And she has, for she is now underemployed and burned through her life savings.

Ahh, the follies of youth. She was warned, Dawn told her so. But she wouldn't listen because she was young, and sometimes you have to learn things the hard way. Sometimes someone telling you something won't sink in. It won't matter because, as a youth, you are ruled by your emotions.

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