Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Summer of George: Solstice edition

Well, we are halfway through the sunny season, and I have insomnia pretty bad. Go to sleep at 1 am on Friday night, wake up Saturday morning at 6 am. It happened last week and this. Luckily I have been able to nap, but you know that really takes a cramp out of my weekend plans. Why can't I sleep on Friday night? The good news is that I have an app that really helps me sleep. I know I know, that sounds like silly shit. It is the sound of crickets in the night. I used it last night and I was out like a light. All praise the godmachine.

Aside from insomnia, I had plans for this summer. I wanted it to have a theme, much like the Summer of George. However, I did learn my lesson from Costanza, which is don't try to plan too much. I know me. So what was the theme? Well, I decided to let that grow naturally. Maybe I'd have a Gran Torino summer, and I'd sit on the balcony drinking cheap bourbon and PBR. I'd wear old slacks and a belt, and tuck my shirt in. It would be a collar shirt. Probably lots of Sinatra or Glenn Miller. Or maybe I'd have a surreal summer, and I listen to a lot of weird Gregorian Chants and death metal and get sucked into the Dreamland. Maybe it would be a revival summer, where I indulge in nostalgia of the 90s and listen to KMFDM and Fear Factory. Or a pirate summer, and I will dress real casual and drink lots of rum. Or maybe...

Well, I don't know what sort of summer this is. I don't think I'm grampa, dressing like an old man and sitting on the porch drinking cold ones. Though I did just clean the balcony. I've been going to club technochocolate down the street, but my 90s nostalgia has waned. No chants, and nothing surreal. The only pirate thing I did was drink some nice Rhum and watch Master and Commander. I really don't know. How is summer going for you?

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  1. Peeps referred to the summer of George when I took last summer off. What a damn surreal summer...

    The Gin Cola