Monday, June 15, 2009

Two o'clock blues

A few weeks ago they showed the Family Guy where Peter has to use a wheel chair for a few weeks and they play a montage set to Elton John's The Blues. Since then I've had the song stuck in my head at precisely two o'clock every day at the office. Life is funny that way. I'd post the clip here but it isn't online. Come on internet! Did I mention that when I was a kid I thought the song was made for a Levi's commercial? 501 blues or something like that. Those were the days.

Since I can't give you Family Guy...Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton!

When these songs get stuck in your head this're welcome! Hahahahah you suffer.

Okay, just to make it up to you I've also had this song stuck in my head, and it isn't even September when I usually break it out of cold storage:

Best cinematography in a music video ever?

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