Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter survival from ages past

What seems like 1,000 lifetimes ago I once commuted 3 hours a day for work. The days were growing shorter and the nights became longer. It was a time of darkness, and I found myself taking naps in my car on my lunch break. I once fell asleep to NPR, who introduced me to the ancient Sami art of Joik. They tell me it isn't called "singing", because they aren't songs. But for you gringos it is Finnish folk singing.

Of course because it is in Northern Europe, there is a Heavy Metal version

Naturally, there is also a lame techno remix

And modernist interpretations

Sometimes I wonder if my life is a myth, created by my own nightmares from which I cannot awaken.

This is my favorite version:

Maybe these girls can wake me from my slumber?

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