Monday, July 26, 2010

Stay healthy

You may have heard Zakk Wylde's health problems require him to stop drinking.

"I mean, I’d drink beer while lifting weights. That’s Black Label Society style for you right there. But the doc told me if I kept this up, I’d be dead by the time I was 50. So I stopped drinking. No big deal.”

But what does Lemmy have to say?

Jack Daniels and coke. You know Jack Daniels was Sinatra's favorite drink. He drank a fifth a day and had a pack a day habit. Dead at age 82.

Editor's note: Jack Daniels is not bourbon

Why can Lemmy keep motoring on and Zakk can't? Maybe it is luck. Or it could just be the whiskey? I'm not a doctor, so don't interpret this in any way to be medical advice.

But I'll take my chances with the good medicine.

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  1. The Brits have way more stamina than the Yanks.