Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Irish whiskey: Origine

I went to the grocery store the other day and wandering through the isles I saw a new Irish whiskey: Origine Irish whiskey. The label says it was established since 1780 but since this is a Cooley whiskey it goes all the way back to the 1980s. It was priced at 18.99. I'm not sure if it was for a fifth or a liter. My blood sugar was crashing and it looked like a huge bottle to me, so it could be a liter, but probably just a fifth and low blood sugar.


Upon careful inspection of the photo and sugar in my gas tank I can see it is 750 mL

Tasting reviews are sparse. There is this review that compares the flavor to Styrofoam and yet gives it 84 points. And that's why I don't like tasting reviews. The store jerk stocking the shelves shook his head and said "nasty". So there's that. I didn't buy any, but I will probably get a bottle eventually, and I'll let you know if it tastes of Styrofoam.


  1. Personally I prefer Bushmills or Tullamore Dew, but it isn't too horrible... especially at the price - I got a bottle today for $16 USD at the local grocery store. That said, it doesn't claim to be triple distilled like most any respectable Irish whiskey should be, so I think it is a poor second cousin from a good family. :-)

  2. Trying to find a bottle to purchase. Can you tell me where you found it, please?

  3. I found it in the local grocery store (Jewel Osco). I didn't much care for it but you may like it just fine.

  4. Drinking through a bottle of Origine now, I am typically a Jameson person and this isn't quite up to par as a good sipping whiskey but it isn't horrible either. Depending on each individual's tastes there could easily become a following based on the price. Hope this helps I found it an Albertson's in southern California.