Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Truls Mork: Worth the money

Classical music is a dead genre filled with dead composers who wrote for a dead audience.  Apparently you can chart in billboard classical by selling only a few hundred discs.

"The dirty secret of the Billboard classical charts is that album sales figures are so low, the charts are almost meaningless. Sales of 200 or 300 units are enough to land an album in the top 10. Hahn's No. 1 recording, after the sales spike resulting from her appearance on Conan, bolstered by blogs and press, sold 1,000 copies."

These days everyone who wants to break big in classical tries to look like the NSYNC of classical.

And really why should anyone buy a new "classical" album.  Bach has been dead for over 200 years.  Why should anyone profit from his music?  There are so many recordings of Beethoven, Mozart, etc that I can't see how one more piano sonata is worth 15 bucks.

But then I found an album with an NSYNC cover of songs by a guy who has been dead for over 100 years that is worth a few bucks.  Truls Mork's Nocturne.

Looks like someone went to glamor shots.

So why is this worth buying?  Because it is sort of new.  I mean the Chopin pieces themselves are old.  But many of them are arranged for cello for the first time.  Or at least the first time I've found.  It's new to me.  Prelude in B minor for cello and piano is a great idea.

Ok so I guess you can google other people doing it.  But Truls does it better.  And the sound quality is good as well.

No offense kids, this is fine and dandy.  But I like Truls performance better and the sound quality is better too.  And it is on sale for ten bucks.  If you like Chopin and you like cello then you should like this album.

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