Thursday, February 3, 2011

Which button makes this go on my grandkid's computer screen?

I don't watch television anymore except to watch emo college football.  So I don't really know what is going on with contemporary culture except what I see made fun of on the you tube videos and web-logs.  Instead I'll make fun of the culture that I knew from years gone by and talk about what is really great about this country.  Not just jitterbugs and whale pants.

First I want to talk about this awesome video of airline traffic:

I know that this is fly me to the moon, but it is a really good instrumental big band take.  I've been searching the webernets for this version on Compact Disc for a while.  No dice.  I'm hoping I'll come across a whole album of goodies like this.  My wife has a music recognition software on her phone but it couldn't recognize this.  I guess it is only good at finding songs by that Justin Balbo all the bobby-soxers like.

Speaking of whores, what is with the kids these days?  They all have tattoos.  Back in my day tattoos were for sailors and whores.

What are you going to tell your children? "I was in the Navy"?

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