Thursday, March 31, 2011

Embarassment - O - Meter

What song is more embarassing to be caught listening to:  metal version of Miley Cyrus or metal version of Phantom of the Opera?

Kudos to you if you thought, for a second, that Nightwish would cover the classic Iron Maiden song.  Andrew Lloyd Weber?  Oh my fucking God.

Answer:  Nightwish is definitely higher on the Embarrass - O - Meter.


  1. Nightwish is good. Musicals are good. Nightwish singing show tunes is surprisingly bad. I would blame the song for being a keyboard relic of the 80s that should be played by synthesizers while goofballs in pajamas wander around stage singing. Theres just no way to make it rock.

  2. I think most of the blame is on the dude singing. He is really terrible. He also plays bass, and the bass in the breakdown does nothing for me.

  3. Wow, I love it; have read two of your posts, seems like you go directly to your point. I had to go look up the Miley thing; I don't get it. Someone fused her vocals with a metal instrumental? I'm impressed considering I have no idea how that is done.

    Seeing as the Miley Metal was uploaded to Youtube in 2009, I'm glad you brought it to our attention; otherwise, I might never have seen it.

    I actually accidentally found your blog while image searching for Doogie dressed up as his StarShip Troopers character. SST happens to be one of my favorite movies, thinking maybe I rate high on your embarrassment meter but learned long ago that...

  4. Allison,

    This Miley video was produced by fusing the isolated vocal tracks from "Party in the USA" with completely original music designed to fit the vocals. The creator, Andy, has a youtube channel dedicated to doing this in various forms.

    Fellow Starship Trooper fans are hard to find!