Sunday, March 13, 2011

The long march of the whiskey renaissance continues

While we still sit in the midst of a vodka bubble, the long march of the whiskey renaissance continues.  This time we check in with the Germans, who are trying to parlay their beer brewing and schnapps fermenting skills into a new whiskey tradition.  You have to check in on those Germans every once in a while.

Bohn belongs to a group of around 40 malt-whisky makers in Germany, the most prominent of which are the Slyrs distillery in Bavaria and the Spreewald Brewery in Brandenburg. The Sloupisti single malt from the Spreewald Brewery was awarded the equivalent of an Oscar by the high priest of whisky, critic Jim Murray. He included it in the "superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live" section of the 2010 edition of his "Whisky Bible."

So there it is.  I suppose it is not altogether surprising that the whiskey arts should find their way to the Germans, nor should it surprise that the Germans are meticulously honing their craft in said arts.

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