Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whisky review: Canadian Club 10 year

I sought the Canadian Club 10 year.  It felt like spring.  Canadian whisky is a spring drink for me.  Light like the spring air.  At just under 20 dollars for a fifth, it is well priced.  It, like other Canadian whiskies like Windsor Canadian, Rich and Rare, and Canadian Mist is a light whisky.  It doesn't have much of the rye flavor that I found overpowering in Black Velvet.  It has faint hints of sweetness, but not the heavy vanilla flavor you get out of a bourbon.  It was exactly what I wanted at exactly the right price for what you get.  Under 20 dollars for a smooth, mellow, drinkable whisky.

Maybe I should add some sort of notes about the nose and the finish and whatnot.  If you want that, just ask and I'll throw an addendum up.

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  1. Just picked up a bottle of CC 10 year reserve. Not too sure what to make of it yet.