Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pimping the Lansing thrash

So I have a ton of crap on my computer, but it is all strewn about in random directories and on random hard drives.  I blame my wife for this, by the way.  Anyways after some whisky and youtube poop I chanced upon an mp3 I had stashed away in a random photo directory.  from Lansing area thrash band Wartorn.  The song is called Vigilance in my Eyes.  There isn't a whole lot on the webernets about this band, so I'll tell you all I know.  It has some of the guys from the Lansing area that are thrash maniacs that you know and love.  Guys from Harbinger and Sauron.  Remember when I told you guys about Harbinger and Sauron?  Those were good times.  The mp3 is sweet and the band is (was?) all quality.  I recommend you scour the internet for everything you can find.

If you come up empty handed beg in the comments and I will put it online.  You're welcome.

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