Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yahoo: where good websites go to die

Once upon a time I was a big fan of Flickr.  It was one of the best photo sharing websites around.  The content was good and people who were into photography were really into the site.  There were problems with the site, but we used it anyways.

Then, like all Yahoo owned things, they focused on building things people didn't want and ignoring things that people wanted.  Uploading video clips was added instead of view on black settings.  No easy interface with facebook.  No good iPhone uploader app.  Then giving view on black but stripping EXIF.  No photo slideshow queuing.  Basically the only reason people still use it is that facebook is a closed network, tumblr too bloggy, and Google hasn't tried to get into the game.  Flickr sucks but no one has tried to make a better Flickr.  The online photo community I was once networked into dissolved because no one cares anymore because there are so many better online networking sites.

Basically I wish Google or someone would make a better Flickr, because everything Yahoo touches turns to poop.

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