Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brandy Review: Alfonso I, Tres Cepas, Captain Apple Jack

Three new mystery brandies were sampled recently.  In order of price they were:

Alfonso I - A brandy de jerez, this clocked in around ten bucks.  A bit harsh around the edges but mellowed a bit in ice.  The flavor is consistent with Jerez brandies, and taste wise not bad.  Buy.

Tres Cepas - Around fifteen bucks, also a brandy de Jerez.  Less bite than the Alfonso.  Also a buy, but only nominally so.

Captain Apple Jack - This is a bottled in bond apple brandy.  The same stuff as Laird's apple brandy, but marketed for Virginia.  The label features an androgynous looking pirate.  I call it "Pat".  On closeout sale for 20 bucks.  Harsh around the edges, not as strong of an apple flavor as I recall from the Laird's.  Good for mixing but a bit too pricey for a mixing brandy, even at closeout prices.  Pass.

So there you go.

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