Thursday, October 27, 2011

Very Old Barton

I'll cut this right to the chase:  Very Old Barton 100 proof bottled in bond bourbon.  I paid 15 dollars and change for a fifth - including taxes.  How does it taste?  Good.  Closest analogue?  Old Fitzgerald.  No strong rye kick like Old Grand-Dad, and an almost almondy nutty undertone.  Definitely a buy.

Unrelated tangent:  This song was in my head all week.

boy is that a terrible video!

Also this would be a good song if Dave didn't put so much crap production into the song.  I now understand the pain of Android users with their "bloatwear". I hate to sound like grandpa creapo always drinking whiskey and yellin' "stripped down and raw" because that might give you nightmares about what I do to your grandma but holy hell Dave Mustaine is like some guy that buys those goddamn Thomas Kinkade plates.

Dave Mustaine's musical tastes in the form of a plate.

Wait what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, simpler isn't always better but when it comes to producing Megadeth then yes.

Full disclosure, I actually bought a copy of The System Has Failed, the first Megadeth album I bought since Hidden Treasures.  Man wasn't Go to Hell an awesome song?

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