Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Youtube poop from beyond the grave

One glass of wine too many and I ended up beyond the void in the netherworld of the webernets (thanks Carlo Rossi).  First, you remember the Misfits.  And you remember that they ressurected the Misfits without Danzig and put out some material that was maybe ok but nothing like the real thing.  And you promptly forgot the whole ordeal.  I know I did.  But what, youtube covers of modern Misfits?  First, a refresher:

The original, in case you slept on it (and I know you did).  I don't think it is terrible, but if this wasn't sold as the Misfits it would probably be your favorite local band that never made it.

Bish covers this song acapella. Probably born after Danzig I came out.  Note the unfinished guns chestpiece.  I am old and have no idea what it means, but wise enough to know it is probably not something original and is more likely a reference to something (hit me up in the comments for the answer please).

But there is more!

On we go!

At this point my mind is blown.  So many bishes covering some random newera Misfits song.  WTF?  You may now weep for humanity.

Yes I know.  I will cry with you at the youtube poop.  There there.  We will get though this one day at a time.

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