Monday, December 5, 2011

Mister Booze joins a posse

If you go to the website for Carlo Rossi jug wine you can find, if you dig, a link for the Carlo Rossi Posse.  I think the link only appears if you click on the trophy case and see all the awards Carlo Rossi 4 liter jug wines have won.  For reals.

How do you become a part of Carlo Rossi's Posse and what does it entail?  From the website:

Carlo Rossi was a simple, practical man with a down to earth demeanor and sharp sense of humor. He liked to talk about his wine, but always would have rather been drinking it with friends. Since the beginning, Carlo Rossi and his fans have remained true to the wines heritage and no-nonsense, straightforward style. Surviving decades of fads, trends and dance crazes, Carlo Rossi and his posse kept their jug nearby and rose above it all.

It's been 30 years since Carlo began making his wine. Now, we're searching for a regular guy or gal who embodies Carlo Rossi's spirit through his/her own signature style and genuine characteristics, and who truly is the leader of their pack. It's time to honor someone like Carlo, who kept it real, good and honest.

That says to me that they are looking for another spokesman.  Someone who can sell this stuff to young people.  Because the only people I know that drink it are in their 60s. While I'd like to spread the good word about this jugwine, I don't think I can convince young people that this is stuff worth drinking.  Besides I already look like an old man.  

I'd like to point out one thing on the website that makes me a "posse" member.  The food pairing selector.  Want to know which jug goes with supreme pizza, fried chicken, or nachos?  Carlo knows, and he will hook you up.

Take it away Carlo


You might recall old Mr. Booze looking for similar wine pairings.  So I feel I found a kindred spirit in Mr. Rossi and his approximately 1 gallon glass jugs of wine.  Though mark my words:  the day they ship these in plastic jugs is the day I stop drinking Carlo Rossi.

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