Thursday, November 28, 2013

Midnight tobacco induced hallucinations

I love old cigarette commercials.  They are wacky.  They seem to take me back to an earlier era better than any other piece of media.  The way people lived.  Everything from how popular music was produced to what sort of clothes people wore is all represented in these little nuggets.  And after watching enough of them the very idea of smoking becomes nauseating.  After a while all people do is bitch about their cigarettes.  The flavor doesn't last.  Menthol too strong.  Not mild enough.  Whine whine whine.  Seems like a big drag to me.  Hah, I kill me.

But maybe I watched too many?  Like this poor bastard here who probably found something wacky in his tobaccy:

Look at this related series of Kool commercials and scroll down to the comments.  Some guy is so pissed off for some reason that he challenges a person to a fight.  In his zeal he gives out his phone number.

Click to embiggen and WTF

Yeah I guess that is what happens when you stay up too late smoking cigarettes.  You go crazy.  If I was drunk and all alone here I would probably call this number just to see what happens.  I already put the number into google, and I won't spoil that mystery fun time for you.  But man...what was in that cigarette?

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