Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Is drinking whiskey the only thing in which I excel? I tried to make a kite Friday out of everyday household items and it got flayed in the wind and the bushes. So in my zeal I opened up the wallet and bought two kites, a classic box kite and a cheap butterfly kite. Today I had a chance to fly the new kites. The butterfly kite went up, and then nosedived. Over and over again. The box kite went up and then gently descended to the earth repeatedly. Neither would fucking fly damnit.

I've been waiting for reasonably nice weather for the last 3 or 4 days. The wind wasn't strong, but decent gusts went through. I just wanted some goddamn zen watching my fabric fly up to the clouds. I was so fucking pissed! This is not zen. Hulk smash! Fuck this shit. Maybe kite flying is not for me? I mean there are only about 10 days a year when it is warm and sunny with strong breezes, and I am stuck at work 9 of them. I've been waiting for warm weather for so long and then I have to wait for warm and sunny and strong winds? This is never going to happen.

Irish Manor

At least I'm still good at drinking you!

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