Monday, April 20, 2009

Mister Booze has nostalgia

Sadly, this is true. I became nostalgic for the late 90s through 2001. Those were good times. They weren't carefree times but they had fewer worries. They had with them the promise of better times ahead. These days it feels like my best days are behind me, but I wasn't really thinking about it until I went to the bar down the street. I had never been there before but they promised laserbeams.

The Inferno

As you can see, it was all a lie. Those aren't laserbeams! But still, it was very nostalgic. I saw a few girls wearing those goofy shoes you used to see back then with the super thick sole. You know the ones. Like platform shoes but not. And the music was mediocre techno like you used to hear all the time. And as I was walking home I was remembering all the things about the late 90s. Maybe it was because I could feel spring in the air, and I was unemployed and sleeping in every other day? But I felt young again for the first time in a long time. I wanted more.

The Inferno

Click through to embiggen and see that old school shoe on the bottom right.

I'm starting to get over it, but it certainly took its toll for a few weeks. At one point I even bought the Fear Factory album Digimortal. I didn't buy it when it first came out because I thought it was commercial and weak. I was right, of course. And boy Back the Fuck Up is a terrible song. I was hoping for more of a techno-industrial feel than I remembered, which would have been the logical progression for the band. You know, techno metal to listen to while drinking boonsefarm and playing SSX on the PS2. Yes, kill me now. It had some of that, but it had a lot of modern influence too -which is a bad thing.

But for 3 dollars not a bad album, and definitely reminds of the time when people had tribal tattoos (wish I had invested in laser tattoo removal clinics!), blue hair, fishnet shirts, etc. It was good that I bought Digimortal because it reminded me of everything I hated about that time; not banging lots of hot chicks, not partying and drinking enough, and people hating the music I loved. Sure, regular folk are going to hate it, no doubt. But fans of the newer breed of heavy guitar music hated what I loved because they hated guitar solos. Assholes. Now they all play guitar hero and listen to Dragonforce. Trendy losers. I was an outsider even among the outsiders.

So for now hopefully my nostalgia has waned. But you never know what will happen, especially if I get that iphone I've always wanted...

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