Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Wait

I'm in limbo. I'm waiting. My roommate moves out in about 3 weeks. It can't come soon enough. I'm waiting for Apple to release the new iPhone so I can finally become a god among men, with the sum of all human knowledge at my fingertips. That is probably about 2 months away. I'm always waiting on the job front. Things are really slow at the office, and I've taken to reading wikipedia online. I'll probably be let go soon. In the mean time, I have a potential job lead. It will probably be a longer commute, sadly. I was getting used to the easy drive.


Life is blooming all around.


The skies are blue and clear. I've finally gotten the hang of nailing that clear blue sky look too.


Like this fern, I am stretching out. I am unfurled.

I hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of my brown bag and Boonesfarm from the other day. I'll probably have a rum summer, so we'll see how that goes.

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