Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You forgot the phone

As you may know, I have been waiting for an iphone for 2 years. I was waiting for my Verizon contract to expire. I was also hoping that a solid competitor would arise. Some challengers emerged, but nothing as good as the real thing. The touch screen, the GPS, the Wi-Fi, the interface, etc. etc.

Microsoft has announced a new Zune that has an iphone-like form factor. It has everything that is needed to go toe to toe with the iphone except for one thing...the phone. Seriously, how hard is it to put a phone in a goddamn Zune? I'm sure Sprint would pay you to do it. What's the hold up? I always felt that the mp3 player market was a dead end market, seeing as everyone has a cellphone anyways. Shit, they're even giving phones to children. If I was a child I know my parents would never give me a damn cellphone.

Looks like an iphone to me. Does it come with bluescreen of death?

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