Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sometimes music becomes the soundtrack to my life. Certain periods are strongly associated with the music I was hearing at the time. One period I remember fondly is the summer after my Junior year, when I listened to a lot of Shostakovich, Gregorian Chants, and At the Gates. Those were strange days. Prophetic dreams, a mysterious illness, but I digress. Perhaps the musical combination played a part?

I have a stock summer soundtrack that may go on the backburner this year. Albums that I refrain from playing autumn and winter. Usually it is:

Satriani - Engines of Creation
Project Alcazar - Reasons for a decade
Sinatra - Sinatra/Jobim
Villa-Lobos - Bachianas Brazilieras and String Quartets

This spring has turned out to be a bit odd already. So I'm looking for materials for my summer soundtrack. I have a feeling that this summer will need a theme. There are many ways I can go with this. I can buy albums by David Koresh and Charles Manson. That would certainly make for an odd summer. Or I could get something less...insane, like maybe the new Aghora album. But if I bought that would I need more Hindu philosophy too? Would I go down that road and buy some Occidental music of some sort? Would it make me pine for Amrut whisky?

Previously I had Fear Factory nostalgia, but this spring quickly morphed from late 90's zeitgeist to a time of decay. I worked in an office in a great location. It was a nice office, a short commute, with a park nearby and lots of lunch choices. After a time, things dried up; I was insanely bored, and also worried that each day would be my last. What point is there in having an employee with no work to do? Now I work in a different office, further away, in the basement. No windows at all. A cluttered dump. It is soulcrushing.


Only the dead are smiling!

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