Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Libraryster for the week

So Obama's reading list is newsworthy, according to the good folks at Slate? Well if that is the case, aren't you far more interested in what Mr. Booze is reading?

Ian Fleming - Thrilling Cities. The creator of James Bond gives you a tour of the world's most thrilling cities of 1959 and 1960. It is a must read. Some things are timeless, like his praise of Oriental women or why the Chicago Art Institute is the only museum to break his "no museums" rule.

Napoleon Bonaparte - Memoirs. The man who ushered in the Romantic era in Europe and changed the world order for a few years. Great man or tyrant? His own thoughts on that question as recalled during his final years at St. Helena.

J. Christopher Harold - The Age of Napoleon. This is not merely a history of the man, but as much as possible is a history of the era.

Patrick Suppes - Introduction to Logic. I is gonna be a smarty pantz one day. Dis will halp me be is a smart.

Beethoven - Piano Sonatas Vol. 1 and 5, John O'Connor piano. This is really a mixed bag for me. I suppose there are only so many ways to interpret the sonata in C# minor (moonlight they call it).

Also, I have on hold Beethoven's arrangements of folk songs from the British Isles. On hold because I could not get the damn CD storage cabinet drawers open.

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